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Simply the parts of CRM and Marketing software you actually use, without the costs and integration hassles.

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  • One integrated process

    There’s no need to spend time and money gluing together seperate CRM and Marketing Automation systems. A single database ensures nothing falls between the cracks with no lead or stalled deal ignored.

  • Clear view of activity

    Our funnel shows the status of every deal with no hiding place. Our Sink-or-Swim chart makes it clear which deals are stalling. There’s no need to spend hours tuning Excel reports to understand the facts - we’ve already done that for you.

  • Dashboards for everyone

    All roles need to work together so we provide a dedicated dashboard for each. The salesperson’s is focused on the funnel. The CEO can take a more strategic view planning up to 24 months out. Marketing get to see exactly how their lead generation drives closed business.