Why choose SalesSeek?

Here are five key reasons in black and white
  • 1

    The Swiss Army knife of business tools. Manage both your Sales and Marketing on one integrated and simplified platform.

  • 2

    Save time. Our web app is design-led, intuitive and simple for your whole team to migrate to and use. Spend less time setting up and learning, and more time doing.

  • 3

    Perfect for a lean budget. SaleSeek’s pricing is competitive, scalable for all team sizes and comes with all features and unlimited access straight out the box.

  • 4

    Command and conquer. Utilise built in email campaigns, web analytics, and automated lead gathering/nurturing from your website, Facebook and Twitter.

  • 5

    Do more. Track your entire team’s activity at a glance in the Funnel. Monitor interactions, campaigns and deal momentum in various role-tailored dashboards.

Need some more reasons?
Check out our feature list below.

SalesSeek features

  • Leads

    Maintain just one contact database and all email marketing activity is recorded against the individual - keeping marketing and sales on the same page.

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  • Web Analytics

    Easy install with a single line of HTML code. View visitors and known contacts accessing your website in real time. Receive alerts and turn them into actions.

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  • Deal Flows

    The funnel shows all deals in a single glance, allowing both salespeople and senior management to clearly understand where they stand.

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  • Sink-Or-Swim

    Our unique Sink-Or-Swim view the speed at which your deals are progressing, visualising which deals are sinking and need help and which need moving to close.

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  • Social Engagement and Analytics

    Track Twitter and Facebook activity, engage your audience on their terms and draw quantitative conclusions on the results.

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  • Automated Lead Nurturing

    SalesSeek has a simple trigger-action system which can be freely composed, making the simple straightforward and the complex possible.

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  • Revenue Forecasting

    SalesSeek also allows multiple, private, ‘what-if’ scenarios. With this your team can plot and track their targets from optimistic, pessimistic and neutral viewpoints.

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  • Contacts

    Automated contact gathering combined with automatically maintained and dynamic Smart Groups allow you to organize your leads exactly how you want.

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  • Configuration

    No need for a full time CRM admin nor an army of consultants. SalesSeek is easy to configure without spending a fortune on integration or third-party add-ons.

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